‘Mason and Milo – A Journey Through The Stars’ 

A magical STEM astronomy bed-time story Experience!

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Mason and Milo – A Journey Through The Stars Box Set


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Mason And Milo

“A Journey Through The Stars”

An Adventurous STEAM Learning Bedtime Story EXPERIENCE for children everywhere! 

About The Book

Travel with 8-year-old Mason from planet to planet as his exciting dream journey takes him to all eight planets in our solar system. This story, along with the accompanying lullaby sung by the author and the audiobook narration by the real-life Mason, encourages prayer and peaceful dreams while helping build confidence in young children.

Why this isn’t your typical bedtime story

Can you imagine visiting an ice-cream shop on Uranus, riding a train on Mercury, becoming a giant on Jupiter? Or maybe even ice skating on Pluto?
Mason and his favorite teddy bear, Milo, travel through the solar system, learning cool facts about each planet along the way! This beautiful boxed set comes with an adjustable eye mask like the one Mason wears in the book, along with the “sweet dreams” lullaby that is sung to Mason by the fairy. The audiobook performance is complete with full sound effects and is narrated by 8-year-old Mason. This is a complete experience! Related educational flash cards are available as an add on.

About Author

Nyilah Sulaimana

Nyilah Sulaimana was born in Davenport Iowa. She received her Liberal Arts Degree from Kirkwood Community College and is currently furthering her education, studying at Grand Canyon University.

Nyilah grew up in a household with three older siblings but has a total of nine siblings. “There was never a dull moment” she said.

Her mother, Valerie Bibbs, is a jazz concert promoter, and health information technician, and her father Bk Davis is a singer/pianist and writer.

Nyilah grew up surrounded by creativity. “I think it was the inevitable that I have a deep love for creating”. In elementary school Nyilah’s teachers took notice to her creative nature and encouraged her to continue to explore what she loved.

 “I remember at reading time I would always choose to sit near the window, where I would look out into nature and create my own stories”. Her favorite books as a child were picture books with no words, she loved to create the stories herself. Not only did she love to create stories, but she loved to express the stories with her voice.

Nyilah continues to utilize the same substantial imagination and creative nature that she displayed throughout her younger years. “My favorite playground as a child and better than any toy has always been my imagination. It’s something you never grow out of, that’s the best part. Creating stories and visualizing pictures/scenarios always kept me entertained.” 

In 2013 Nyilah gave birth to her one and only son, Mason. In 2018, her son told her he wasn’t having very good dreams. That is when the idea of Mason and Milo A Journey Through the Stars was conceived.  “Mason wasn’t having good dreams so I immediately wrote him a lullaby called “sweet dreams”, after noticing such a positive reaction by him in response to the song, I decided to expand on the ideas within the song and write this children’s book.”

She now has the pleasure and joy of encouraging and developing the creative nature in her son Mason, while sharing the same gift with other children through her children’s books.

Our Pillars

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We love to spend time in the studio creating audio experiences that will stimulate the imagination.


Celestial Minds Publishing LLC is very conscious and aware that courage encourages confidence, we aim to instill these positive character traits through the imagination.

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Children’s brains are like sponges, our books uniquely deliver educational facts, values, in confidence for their subconscious brains to soak up.


We know it is just as important for A child to be a child without the pressure of heavy topics and conversations at time. We create our books to be equally entertaining and informative.


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